Hurricane Construction Preparation

With a powerful hurricane possibly heading in the direction of the Tampa Bay area, it is important to stay informed and to get prepared. It is easy to prepare your home for a hurricane, board up the windows, throw the lawn furnishing in your swimming pool and call it a day, right? But how do you prepare if your house or areas of your home is under construction?

Totally Under Construction

If you have a house that is completely under construction and is not livable, your contractor should know the procedures to ensure the construction site is safe and secure. Such as shutting off electrical, plumbing, and gas, cleaning any construction debris, and taking down all permits and signage until after the storm. Your contractor should have a severe weather plan in place and do not hesitate to ask questions to confirm your home is secure.

Partially Under Construction

Some home improvement projects do not require leaving home, it may be a slight inconvenience, but nothing you can’t handle. And then, a hurricane is on the way, it may not be a direct hit, but you’ll still have to take major precautions. It all depends what stage of  renovation you are in. For safe measure, board the windows of the construction space if not all windows in the house, turn off water, electric and gas to the area if possible, and clean the construction area of harmful debris. A renovation is always going to take a toll on everyday life, but adding a potentially devastating storm creates more stress in a less than homey space. The best advice is to secure the area and make sure you are safe or evacuate the area.

Home Upgrades

While under construction a few upgrades you can add to ensure your home will endure the next hurricane, are hurricane proof shutters, doors, and windows. Most often these extra safe upgrades will cost significantly more than your typical windows and doors, but in terms of a long-term investment, they are worth it.

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