White Kitchen 101

A white kitchen is a staple trend that will stand the test of time. It is classic, beautiful and can still embody it’s own unique qualities. A white kitchen can take on many different styles from modern to traditional and everything in between. But just as a slimming little white dress may not look as slimming, a white kitchen may not be as statement making when everything is white. When a kitchen has too many white elements it will begin to feel sterile. To avoid a hospital like look, here are the best places to use white in a kitchen.


Lets talk about the cabinets, they essentially make a kitchen a kitchen. One of the most popular cabinet style for white is shaker. This style of cabinet has clean lines and can adapt to different styles of hardware. White kitchen cabinets stand the evolution of design styles as there are so many different styles that can be achieved with white cabinetry. A beautiful accent to white cabinets is a rich wood tone island with tones of grey. Adding the wood tones will warm up an otherwise cold kitchen.

Backsplash & Flooring

One of the best places to incorporate white is in the backsplash. A natural stone with a white or creamy hue paired with the white cabinets is a great choice for a timeless look. A white tile with some shape to it will cater to a trendy vibe while maintaining the integrity of a white kitchen. As for flooring, the best flooring to use to compliment a white kitchen is beautiful hardwood floors that will both ground the space and warm it up to contrast to the white cabinetry and backsplash.

Walls, Countertops & Accessories

Since a white kitchen is the main goal, the walls should be painted a white, cream or ivory. There are endless options for white wall colors. But beware, do not make the wall color the same color of the white cabinetry, the cabinets will become lost and blend into the walls. Select a color that will compliment the white cabinetry and not compete with it. Above all, the most important elements of a kitchen are the countertops, it’s where the prepping happens. There are so many options with materiel and colors. To keep with the feeling of a white kitchen, marble or quartz is always a great option. Or for some warmth and dimension, a dark stone or wood block top would work beautifully.  With accessories, the white vs pop of color debate is up to personal preference. With so much white and neutral tones, a pop of color would bring dimension to the kitchen.

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