Looking for the hottest cabinetry design trends for 2021? The McCabinet designers explain the top upcoming trends to help guide your remodel in the new year!

Top Cabinetry Design Trends 2021

Looking for the latest trends to update your cabinetry design in 2021? Being home was at an all-time high in 2020 so we can understand homeowners looking to change their cabinetry and complete other home updates in the new year. The award-winning McCabinet designers always stay ahead of trends and speak to numerous homeowners and contractors each and every week.

Keep reading to find all of the top trends we see coming in 2021 and trust our team of experts to help guide your upcoming cabinetry design process when you’re ready.

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The end of open shelving?

The open shelf trend may be nearing its end as many people are now gravitating back to traditional cabinetry design. While the aesthetically pleasing and minimal qualities of open shelving will always be appreciated, the look has also been found to have its pitfalls in the dust and clutter departments. More storage options built-in the cabinetry also helps with the new extra gadgets you may now have around the house. Our blog, Open shelving vs. traditional cabinets dives deeper into the question of the two cabinetry options.

Clean-lines and minimal cabinets

Rather than the minimalist feel of open shelves, many home and business owners are now choosing the clean lines of a handle-less, touch-release or pull cabinet hardware. Simplistic custom cabinet designs with concealed, discreet storage of appliances create a sophisticated and contemporary vibe whether in the kitchen, bathroom, office or entertainment space. The Galley Kitchen also helps keep everything clean and tightened up in the kitchen. Learn more about kitchen pantry organization in this blog. Additional considerations to maximize space include magic corners, Lazy Susans, Rollouts, drawer inserts and pull out spice racks.

White kitchen backlash?

White on white kitchens, both farmhouse and modern style, have dominated cabinetry trends of recent years and this will continue in 2021, but it also looks like there is now a strong trend toward wood in both warm and light ash varieties with traditional textures. Looking to spice up modern white cabinets? Updating hardware and other accessories can easily change the mood of the entire space.

2020 kitchen design trends kitchen michael tunnell photo
Minimalist kitchens are still trending, but with a twist of character in special cabinet options.

Black is king

Black on black is coming on strong after many white kitchen moments. Given the right textures and finishes, black cabinetry mixed with black walls and rustic woods create a mood unlike any other and unlike the common misconception that all dark colors make a room look smaller. The right design helps other design elements pop, especially in small spaces. One of our skilled McCabinet designers will be able to create a beautiful impact with dark colors. We especially love impactful dark colors like black in a home library or home office space.

Eco-friendly and rustic wood

Reclaimed wood and other eco-friendly materials create that rustic feel to your cabinet design and also helps your carbon footprint. Sustainable and upcycled materials help create a positive home. McCabinet is proud to offer antimicrobial cabinets and countertops as well. The Green Home Guide provides a great resource for remodeling your home with sustainability in mind.

Tones of Cabinet Paint Colors

Warmer greys and grey-beiges or “greiges” are taking over the straight white and colorful cabinet trends of recent years. Think dusty, soft, and sage. Grey-blues are also trending on the lighter spectrum while deeper bronze and warm coppers are taking over the deep blues and blacks of recent years. Two-tone is also a continuing trend adding depth and personality to spaces with deep forest greens replacing the navy trend of years past.

McCabinet is proud to offer several semi-custom, custom, and furniture-grade cabinet lines and offer “custom color” programs, so you are able to select just the right “pop” of color to add a touch of unexpected lavishness.

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