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Modern Kitchen Décor Ideas

As the popularity of the sleek, streamlined modern kitchen continues to rise, the need for clean-lined accessories and décor abounds.  After you have selected your modern cabinets, countertops and backsplash, bring personality and warmth into your area with the proper accessories.

When decorating your kitchen, it’s important to remember that the appeal of modern design lies within the minimalism.  Modern kitchens rely more on material choices as opposed to décor choices.  Ensure the accessories you choose align with your overall style goals and appear cohesive with the rest of the space.

Use Hardware as Your Number One Accessory for Your Modern Kitchen

Because of the overall minimalism, the kitchen hardware in a modern kitchen is often considered the biggest accessory.  Sleek and shiny hardware is a staple of today’s kitchen.  Select simplistic and straight-edged styles, like bar pulls, to complement the modern aesthetic.  Polished chrome and nickel finishes are popular for adding shine.  Longer bar pulls that span the distance of the face of the cabinet are most popular for modern kitchens as they help to emphasize the linear quality of the cabinets.

modern kitchen decor

Take Inspiration from Nature

Natural, organic materials are fantastic options when decorating a modern space.  Decorate with simple elements from nature, like orchids, for a clean look.  Wood elements can also add warmth, so consider adding wooden bowls or cutting boards, allowing functionality to meet beauty.

modern kitchen decor with orchids

Select Statement Lighting

Lighting is a huge element that can add both function and personality into the kitchen.  Lighting can help enhance the design of your kitchen while making a statement.  For a modern kitchen, focus on clean lines and material choices.

Remember, the appeal of the modern kitchen lies in its simplicity.  Allow your décor to play into this, and do not over accessorize.  Select smart pieces that add to the overall feel of your modern kitchen.

Ready to create a modern masterpiece of your own?  Let the experts at McCabinet help you create your modern kitchen.  Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!