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Scheduling a Remodeling Project: When is the Best Time?

When scheduling a remodeling project, there are multiple factors to consider. Many projects are better suited for certain times of the year (some experts suggest fall is the best time to install new high-performance siding), while others can be completed year-round.

Before scheduling a remodeling project, always make sure to completely understand the project’s scope and timeline. Some smaller remodels may only take a few weeks, whereas remodels with electric, plumbing, or layout changes will take a considerably longer amount of time.

Additionally, different products have different lead times. For example, custom cabinetry or imported countertops can have a longer lead time than other materials. A particularly exotic material may take weeks to come in! When scheduling your project, make sure you have a clear timeline for when materials will be delivered.

The “I want to be done by Thanksgiving” Crowd

We meet a lot of people who want to complete a remodel by a certain date. Often this is around the Thanksgiving holiday, when families may be getting together for celebrating. In fact, November is our busiest month! As enticing as it is to want to show off a brand-new remodel, scheduling to be complete by a certain date can be difficult, as unexpected changes or setbacks may arise.

Scheduling a remodeling project for your kitchen
Scheduling a remodeling project for your kitchen

As mentioned, it is vital to understand the scope of work you’re completing and work with your designer to ensure a timely turnaround. Many first timers are under the impression that major overhauls only take a month or two. However, we often recommend starting as early as six months out from your desired completion date to ensure there is ample time to plan, edit plans and obtain approvals, get a contractor in place, place orders, demo and build! Of course, projects can be completed in less time than 6 months, but if there is a hard deadline for your project, it is definitely better to err on the side of caution and begin early.

This does not mean the actual remodel will take 6 months, but it does mean that it may take six months from the day you decide to start the process to project completion. Often times, the best contractors are booked months out, and installation crews need to be scheduled as well.

How Scheduling a Remodeling Project Will Affect Your Family’s Schedule

It is always suggested to think about your family’s schedule and determine when a remodel may be least disruptive. This is particularly sage advice if you are remodeling the kitchen, as the kitchen tends to be the family’s “gathering place,” and turning the heart of your home into a construction zone can really disrupt the family’s dynamic.

We often see family’s electing to schedule major renovations during the summer, as the summer months typically provide more flexibility with kids away at summer camp, or family’s vacationing.

Plus, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, the summer is a wonderful time to break out the grill and enjoy the outdoors.

Remember to Shop Special Deals

For family’s who are able to be a little more flexible with their schedules, there can be a cost savings when shopping major holiday events, like Black Friday or 4th of July. Many appliance manufacturers run deals in April and May as well. If you are able to purchase your appliances during a major sale, you’ll definitely save a few hundred if not thousands of dollars. Additionally, buying and storing your materials for a project can help ensure that the project goes smoothly when you do start, as there will be no lag time for deliveries. If you are concerned about affording the cost of a remodeling project, you could look into potentially applying for home improvement loans in order to get the necessary work done on your home.

Ultimately, each remodel is different, and each family will need to determine the timeline and starting date that works best for them. Work with your McCabinet designer to establish timelines early on in your design process, and you will be rewarded with a flawlessly executed remodel, no matter what time of the year it is. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you!