Top 3 Tips for a Family-Friendly Kitchen

Remodeling for a family-friendly kitchen can work wonders for not only your sanity but for your home’s resale value.  Kitchens are often the hub of the home, and buyers want a place that functions for their day-to-day lives.

Creating a family-friendly kitchen design

So, if your toddler reaching for snacks at all hours, or is your middle schooler doing homework at the kitchen table, a family-friendly approach to designing your kitchen may be your best bet. 

Make your cabinets a top priority

The cabinet layout of your kitchen is of the utmost importance when designing for your family-friendly kitchen.  The cabinetry footprint will determine the flow of your kitchen.  A proper design will save you future headaches when meal prepping, heating bottles, or doing dishes.

When designing a space for an active family, it is also important to select cabinets that will withstand your lifestyle.  Easy-clean cabinets are a favorite for families with younger kids.  And, of course, pay close attention to cabinet construction.  Slow-close cabinet options are fantastic for kids who may otherwise be tempted to slam doors and drawers shut.  Work with a designer to determine the best cabinets for your family. 

Plan for messes

Kids will be kids – and that means food will be dropped, glasses will be broken, and sticky hands will find their ways onto every surface in your kitchen.  So, be prepared with a smart design.  Chose to install an under-mount sink and pull-out garbage to easily slide countertop messes into.  You can also hide a mop and a broom in a vertical closet in your kitchen for easy access.  There are even cabinets to discretely hide away your pet’s dishes so they aren’t in the way outside of mealtime.

Family-friendly kitchen design: plan for messes!

Make smart choices with your finishes as well.  Chose fingerprint-resistant finishes for your appliances, like black stainless steel or specially-made fingerprint resistant stainless steel.  Select a non-porous kitchen countertop, like Silestone with special N-Boost treatment to protect against stains.  A properly selected countertop will stand up to the messes of your kiddos without staining or etching, and will not require too much maintenance.  There are many beautiful finishes available for your kitchen, but make sure to work with a designer to guarantee that a particular finish is not too fragile for use in a kid-friendly space.

Optimize Your Family-Friendly Kitchen Storage

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again – storage is by far the number one priority when designing a kitchen for a family.  Whether you have a large or small kitchen, you will always want the most storage possible. 

With the right design, you’ll never have to fumble around for the proper Tupperware lid again.  There are dozens of specialty cabinets in every cabinet line that can be personalized for your space and your needs.

Working with a kitchen designer will help you optimize storage space and will help determine the best storage solutions for your needs. 

The great news is that designing for a family doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!  In fact, designing for a family may be the ticket to a higher resale value for your home.  At McCabinet, we have multiple American-made cabinet lines that are beautiful, sturdy, and functional, making them great options for families.  Speak to a designer today to see what we can do for you!

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