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2020 Kitchen Design Trends

It’s official, 2020 is the year of the kitchen!  Follow these easy and fun kitchen design trends to make the most of your renovation in the new decade.


While it is unlikely that the all-white kitchen will ever go out of style, there are many colorful trends emerging in kitchen design to catch your eye in 2020.

While picking timeless elements for your kitchen is something we often preach about, there are simple ways to bring in color to make your space feel trendy, cool and stylish for 2020.

Try painting your ceiling a fun color (we love the southern staple Haint blue) or bring in colorful appliances that can serve as eye-catching conversation starters for the heart of your home.  Colorful appliances can add a custom feel to any space and bring in a level of sophistication.

bright accent colors as a kitchen design trend

Of course, a simple way to bring in color without having to do a full overhaul is in your backsplash, and this year, we will be seeing a lot of colorful options.  If you’re not yet ready to commit, many companies are making removable wallpaper options for the kitchen, which will allow you to experiment with colors and patterns before making a final decision.

Warm Finishes

While cool colors reigned supreme over the last 10 years, warmth is a kitchen design trend making a comeback.  Warm finishes, when done right, can make a space feel modern and fresh, especially when combined with a natural countertop.

We are seeing less stainless steel, and more brass.  Even range hoods are warming up, with more wood tones and copper options readily available.  Reportedly, even the Queen-of-the-kitchen, Martha Stewart, is a huge fan of copper finishes.

copper and warm accents in a kitchen


Sustainable and ecofriendly elements are also on-trend for 2020.  Many companies are offering greener options for cabinets and shelving like bamboo.

To keep the earthy vibe in your space, consider using natural elements in your backsplash, like terra-cotta or cement.  Hand-made tiles are on-trend as well, with many affordable options.  These natural, earthy finishes make a kitchen more inviting and offer a ton of texture to make your space feel interesting.

Slab Backsplashes

We anticipate seeing an uptick in slab backsplashes in the next few years.  By extending the countertop material up the backsplash, you are able to achieve a very streamlined, minimalistic look that is more contemporary.  It also creates a beautiful backdrop for our next trend, open shelving. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving will remain on-trend through 2020, as shelves allow you to showcase your personality.  Put your favorite dishes, cake plates, or pottery on display.  Open shelving also allows you to see everything that would typically be hidden away, so you’re more likely to use the items.

open shelving in a kitchen design

We also love open shelving as a way to bring in a little color.  Colorful pottery or coffee mugs on display can bring a little pop into your space.  Or, flip things around and try a shelf in a bold color with all white china.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to open shelving, but love the feel it brings, you can opt for glass-front cabinets.  They lend an airy feel without sacrificing cabinet space.  We love adding a pop of color inside these glass-front cabinets as well.  It’s a fun way to show off a pop of color in the kitchen. 

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