Light Bulb! Hire a Licensed Professional!

There are a lot of house projects that can be done by “doing it yourself” such as laying tile, painting or installing hardware. But there are some aspects of a job that should always be left to the professionals and electricity is definitely one of those projects. It is a very high risk household task to undertake if not a trained professional.

But when looking for an electrician, how do you know what to look for to get a professional and quality electrician?  The owner of Consolidated Electric, located in Palm Harbor, Bledi Voja, shares his insight on the characteristics of a quality licensed electrical contractor

1. A contractor is licensed.

Licensed contractors have gained experience and knowledge through the proper training and legal processes. They put in the time to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits from authorized government offices, after passing the licencor test. To apply for becoming an Electrical Contractor a minimum of 8 years or 16,000 hrs. of work is required.
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2. Offers insurance.

They will offer liability insurance to protect you, your family, and your home. Liability insurance is protection from personal and bodily injury and property damage that could occur during your renovation. For instance, if a visitor is injured upon entering the construction site, the insurance protection will cover any medical fees that may be incurred.

3. Ensures that all requirements by the city and federal government are met.

Licensed contractors have been trained to understand and meet all requirements set by the city council and federal government. They will schedule inspections to make sure your home meets every single quality requirement and passes all safety examinations. They can become very important when the time comes to sell your home. If you have had any major renovations completed, a potential buyer may ask if the required permits were pulled for the project.

4. Ensures that every step of the home repair or renovation is followed systematically.

This sounds like a given, but not all contractors follow the steps necessary to complete a project safely and on time. Licensed contractors, however, follow a specific, systematic approach to their projects. They carefully plan out the process before starting work; they will prioritize open communication with the homeowner from day one until the day the project is completed. A licensed contractor will also ensure that there is a signed legal contract between the two of you: a form of security that only licensed contractors can offer.

5. Will ensure the project is completed, even when problems or obstacles arise.

They will take responsibility if something goes wrong; ignoring or running away from mistakes can result in the loss of their license. Trust licensed contractors, to stay with you until your home renovation project is completed and you are satisfied!

On your next house project, remember these 5 tips when deciding whether or not to hire a professional for any project and you will feel at ease knowing that your contractor will be completing your job the right way.

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