Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Sizzle

Summer is heating up! Well, let’s be honest, it’s summer in Florida and it’s been sizzling since March. The lack of cool weather allows for more summer-like nights by the pool and eating meals outside. If you have an outdoor kitchen, is it summer time ready? When was the last time you spiced up your outdoor space? Being able to enjoy the outdoors practically all year round means a little more updating from time to time. Giving your outdoor kitchen some new features will give your summer time space new life.

Add a Bar with Stools

The cook does not want to cook alone. If you have the space to add a bar to the front of the grill, do so with reclaimed wood and add some stools so even the grill master can join in the fun.

Cover the Cooking area

In Florida, we get the scattered thunderstorm quite often, so installing a cover or one of these outdoor structures over the cooking area will aid in the unpredictable weather patterns of our sunshine state.

mccabinet outdoor custom kitchen

Full Size the Fridge

If you cook and entertain outside on a regular basis adding a full-size refrigerator/ freezer will pay for itself in no time with the amount of use it will receive. Chill down the drinks and free up space in your indoor refrigerator.

Play with Bold Colors!

The grill is not the only area that receives some spice. Add color to your outdoor space by adding striking seating, fun outdoor-friendly art, and colorful pillows. Bright red is always a favorite for the outdoors!

The Garden is Always Greener

If you are into cooking with local ingredients, what is more, local than growing your own herbs and vegetables? Around your outdoor cooking area, planting a garden will both improve your backyard oasis and perhaps your cooking!

Create a New Vibe

Not feeling the feeling in your outdoor kitchen? Mix it up and check out these gorgeous outdoor living spaces for some inspiration. Don’t be afraid to make big changes to your garden! If you are finding that a more modern feel is what you’re liking then start by slowly adding more sleek touches with furniture and accessories. You can purchase some wooden cup holders or end tables that can jell well with your kitchen decor. For that you can, look at webshops like Yoder Woodcrafters who are known to sell good quality poly outdoor furniture. However, you may be resisting yourself from doing this kind of job. There may be different reasons why you are not taking up this project. Perhaps you’re not feeling it because you look out onto a lawn that could do with a visit from someone like this lawn care california company to breathe some life and green into it once more.

Incorporating some of these changes into your outdoor space will have you falling in love with your outdoor kitchen and back yard again.

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