Kitchen Remodeling Trends: A Guide to Modern yet Timeless Design

Are you considering kitchen remodeling in Pinellas County?  Are you struggling to decide what trends to follow, and which to ignore? 

You’re not alone.  At McCabinet, we have met thousands of people struggling with the same questions you’re pondering when it comes to kitchen remodeling.  In today’s market, there are so many different options to customize a kitchen for you and your family, it can be a daunting task to try to select the best features while remaining on trend, and ensuring your renovation lives up to your expectations.

Kitchen Remodeling Made Easy

At McCabinet, we specialize in creating dream spaces with your reasonable investment, getting creative to make spaces work best for the owner, while stretching your dollar as far as possible.  McCabinet’s designers are trained in a variety of aesthetics to ensure that every client’s vision is properly translated into reality.  So, whether you’re looking to update your cottage kitchen or create a completely modern, minimalist and clean kitchen, our designers can bring your design ideas to life.

When updating your space, regardless of current trends, there are a few design principals to keep in mind, no matter your aesthetic. 

Kitchen Remodeling Design Principles

Cabinet Texture

It is always important to incorporate visual texture into your space, and kitchen cabinetry is a fantastic place to create texture.

McCabinet is proud to offer a wide array of cabinet brands that appeal to many different aesthetics.  Whether you want a weathered, lived-in, casual look, or a high-end, sleek and sophisticated space, we can find the cabinet for you. 

Both imported cabinet lines and American-made cabinets are offering a variety of different textures and finishes to help owners personalize their spaces. If you’re looking to really personalize your kitchen space you can also look at custom cabinetry designers such as Incredible Home and others.

McCabinet custom kitchen cabinets
McCabinet custom cabinets

High-gloss acrylics are having a moment right now, and look fantastic and high-end in kitchens and bathrooms alike.  At McCabinet, we even offer a line of scratch-resistant PET cabinetry through Elmwood, allowing you to achieve that high-gloss look without the worry.  This is perfect for families with younger children or pets.

Natural wood is also a very popular look, and comes in a variety of different colors and finishes to give your space visual texture.  A newer line to McCabinet, Dura Supreme, is offering a beautiful weathered finish, and the Holiday line is offering a cerused finish, where cabinets are painted the desired finish, then treated with a wire brush so the wood grain comes through.

Countertops and backsplashes are two areas that you can also bring some texture in to your space with a leathered granite or stone backsplash.

There are so many options to consider, and your designer will help you choose what works best for your desired outcome.

Kitchen Storage

Obviously, storage is at a premium in most kitchens, so it is vital to work with a designer that can help you maximize your space, while making it work for you and your needs.

At McCabinet, we love getting creative and offering new storage solutions to our kitchen remodeling clients.

Your first consideration in maximizing storage is the type of cabinet you select.  Cabinets come in both traditional and frameless styles, frameless allowing for just a hint more storage.  While many people consider the frameless look more modern, traditional cabinet fronts can be mounted on frameless door styles.

Custom kitchen storage solutions
Custom kitchen storage solutions

Additional considerations to maximize space include magic corners, Lazy Susans, Rollouts, drawer inserts and pull out spice racks.

Some of our clients also love the look of open shelving, which can allow for more options to showcase items in your kitchen.  This is a great option for people with a lot of beautiful serving ware or display pieces. 

McCabinet’s designers can help you navigate the many options to maximize your space and make it work for you.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Technology

McCabinet prides itself on our cutting-edge technological options that are ideal for the modern family.  We offer options for under cabinet lighting, hidden power sources, hidden sound systems and electric pop-out trash cans, just to name a few.

While determining what smart updates to make to your space, it’s important to consider how your space will function for you and your family.  Talk through your plans with your designer, and they will be more than happy to assist you with options that will really breathe life into your space.

Custom cabinet lighting solutions
Custom cabinet lighting solutions

While McCabinet does not select appliance options, we will help to make sure that whatever you select will work in the space we’re creating for you and your family.  Ultimately, it is most important to work with your designers when selecting appliances as the wrong appliance can completely derail an otherwise beautiful renovation.

Your Go-To Kitchen Remodeling Resource

At McCabinet, we can help you navigate all the modern trends, creating a beautiful, functional space for you and your family, while keeping it functional for the long term.  It is important to work with a designer you feel comfortable and confident with, who will listen to your ideas and help transform your vision into a beautiful design.

We look forward to helping you with your next project!

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