New Kitchen 101: 7 Questions you Need to Ask

Among the many tasks that will take place during the construction and planning of your new kitchen, there will be aspects you did not take into consideration. Most people think about the bigger questions like, paint grade or natural wood cabinets? But there are so many other other not so desirable to think about questions that you should be asking before rushing into demo.

What are the rules?mccabinet kitchen table ideas

I don’t mean color rules or what’s currently in style rules, I mean real life “can I actually do this?” kind of rules. Check with what your building codes are for your area and make sure you are working with a licensed contractor that will make sure the whole project is up to code the entire time.

 How should my cabinet drawers/doors open?

This comes to be quite the oversight until you realize you can’t open a door because it runs into the drawer. To avoid this problem, it is best to work with an experienced kitchen designer to ensure this problem does not arise after holes are drilled into the doors.

What profile should be countertops have?

Again, this decision seems to be overlooked until the last possible second. The edge of your countertops may seem like it would be a quick and easy decision, but there are so many profiles to choose from and picking the wrong one would impact the look and feel of your kitchen.

What finishes for the fixtures?

Very important question to ask because again, selecting the wrong finish or two different ones. Finishes are also a very functional aspect, for example, brushed finishes hide finger prints and other blemishes, while silver are great blenders into any color palette.

mccabinet kitchen island ideasHow to mount the silk?

This is more of a fun, but also crucially functional decision to be made . There are so many options such as under mount or drop in. The style you choose all depends on your needs in a sink

What finish of the stone?

Your countertops is not the only stone in your kitchen. When deciding on the finish of stone, it is likely that you may also have to think about the flooring and the backsplash.

What material should my toe kick be?

The typical answer to this question year ago was the same material as your cabinets, bit now toe kick can be metal or if you have white cabinets, you can opted for another color of toe kick to decrease the look of scratches and scoffs.

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