Why Painted MDF Doors Are Better In Florida

Painted wood doors for your kitchen cabinets are a popular option. Many people believe they look more professional and are worth the added expense. However, a good kitchen designer in Florida will tell you that 5-piece painted MDF doors (made with a 4-piece frame and a center panel) will be much better for your home. Here are three reasons to invest in painted MDF today.

Painted MDF Door in front of a cracked Wood Door
Painted MDF Door in front of a cracked Wood Dooracked Seams

No Cracked Seams

The humidity in Florida is unlike many other places in the United States. Painted wood may be fine for your family in the northwest, but in Florida the wood starts to expand and contract with the high humidity. Paint does not expand with added humidity, which leads to cracking of the seams over time. The number one benefit of a 5-piece MDF door is that it does not expand or contract with changes in the weather, meaning there is little risk of the seams cracking.

Less Damage

Your kitchen cabinets are likely to be hit with pots and pans or even children on ride-on toys. These little dings can lead to damage with wood fronts. High grade MDF is very dense which means that it can handle more of a beating than a basic wood door, which means your doors will look better for much longer.

They look the same

Technology has advanced considerably over the years, and that is certainly the case when creating 5-piece painted MDF doors. Previously, only one piece or routed MDF painted doors were available. On the front side of the door, these looked pretty close to a wood door, but on the back it was very noticeably not a wood door. With the advancement in glues and resins, it is now possible to make your MDF doors look exactly like 5-piece wood doors. Additionally, all of our cabinet manufacturers making these MDF doors are giving the exact same warranty as their wood doors.
Your kitchen cabinets will have the advantages listed above and your friends will never know the difference! In fact, they’ll want to know who your kitchen designer is so they can get their own amazing kitchen.