How to Select the Best Lighting!

Award- winning interior designer, Tricia Guy has many years of experience selecting lighting for hundreds of projects, all unique in personal style and lifestyle needs. Tricia knows that there are thousands of lighting options and fun added upgrades, so here are a few tips to make the biggest impact on your space.

Play with Color

Lighting Options

Selecting the right light color will set the proper feeling to your space. If you love the look and feeling of natural light, than daylight is for you. Daylight provides the incomparable feeling of being outside, enjoying the natural light given off the sun. On the other side of the spectrum, warm white light gives the feeling of cuddling up to a warm fire on a winter night. Warm light embodies yellow tones for a warm and comfortable feeling. If you desire a more modern and contemporary feeling, cool white lighting is the best option for you! Finally, for some extra-added spice, add a pop of color to your kitchen, bar, bathroom or entertainment center. When it comes to adding some fun colors to make a room more interesting, the world is your color wheel! So have a look here at some bathroom lighting ideas.

Get Creative with Location

There are many places to add light to enhance any room such as, up lighting and down lighting to give a subtle glow your space. When you sneak out to the kitchen for a midnight snack, toe kick lighting is perfect option to add to your kitchen and even your bathroom. Under cabinet lighting is another essential for your kitchen because it provides the light you need when you’re preparing a meal. Also, under cabinet lighting gives your kitchen a lovely glow at night. Lastly, decorative lighting is one of the best ways to add personality to any room. One suggestion is to designate an outlet in your kitchen for a decorative lamp to show off your personal style (no one wants to see those pesky wires). No matter where you decide to place your lighting, always ensure that it’s installed by a professional, like those at or elsewhere, if you’re unable to do this yourself. Not only will this make sure your lighting looks perfect in its position, but it also guarantees that there won’t be any electrical faults going on.

Decorative Lighting

Setting the Mood

The best of occasions can lack some luster if your space does not create the right mood. The mood in a room sets the tone for a party full of people or a romantic evening for two. One of the best features you can add to your lights is to make them dimmable. Dimming your lights will able you to create the right mood and setting for any occasion.