The Best Trending Bathroom Vanities

The one room in the house that can stand to have some creativity is the bathroom! It’s the kind of room that can have a wild wallpaper and totally work because it just does. Another aspect of any bathroom that can be more on the unique side is the bath room vanity. Trending bathroom vanities range from long one of a kind stunners to small compact understaters and everything in between.

Floating like a Genie

It’s no genie, these vanities are floating and are ideal for lovers of sleek and contemporary design. A great feature to add is a water fall counter top flowing down the edges and on to the floor for a high-end look.

Farm House Vibes

It’s not a secret that the farm house look is huge right now, (thanks Joanna Gaines). This type of rustic look embodies beautiful wood grains and the versatility to make the stain light and airy or deep and dark.

To the Wall

Wall hung vanities are the perfect solution for small spaces. These little guys can practically be hung anywhere (with plumbing of course). They are very versatile with size and style ranging from a long, modern look to small, rustic beauties.

Simply White Vanity 

This one may not seem as exotic, but having a simple white vanity allows for unique and colorful tile and other statement pieces such as in lighting.

Custom Colorful

On the other end of the spectrum, installing a custom colored bathroom vanity will certainly spice things up. We suggest if you are going with a statement vanity, pair it with neutrals. The neutrals can still be fun and interesting by playing with different shapes of tile.

Furniture Conversion

This one is a garage sale wander’s dream! Re-purposing old furniture to recreate into a bathroom vanity is a great way to have a one of a kind piece that no one else has! Even something as easy as recreating a low dresser will make for great bathroom storage.

These trends are very popular at this point in 2017 and most will likely continue as bathroom trends in 2018. You can never go wrong with mixing unique trends with timeless staples to create a long lasting and personalized look.


Photos from Houzz

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