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How to Brighten a Dark Bathroom

While natural light is the key to a bright and airy bathroom, many homeowners find themselves in need of brightening up a dark bathroom without any windows.

If you have a bathroom without any natural light source, you can still create a bright and inviting atmosphere with these tricks. 

Select Proper Lighting for your Dark Bathroom

When you have limited (or no) natural light, the key is to thoughtfully place your lighting fixtures to brighten your space.  Place fixtures so that light is brought toward the user’s face. 

Brighten up a dark bathroom with backlit mirros

Consider using sconces placed at eye level, which cast light directly at the user’s face.  Traditional vanity lights and overhead ceiling lights cast shadows, which may be too harsh when there is no other light source.

In a large bathroom with limited natural light, consider placing multiple light sources throughout the bathroom.  Do not rely on one light fixture to do all the heavy lifting.  Natural light fills a room; try to replicate the abundance of light with well-thought-out and perfectly placed fixtures.

Use Mirrors and Reflective Finishes

Mirrors are a great way to play with the light you do have.  Mirrors can help bounce light and reflect it throughout a dark bathroom, mimicking the way natural light fills a room.  Additionally, mirrors can help make a room feel bigger.

Use mirrors to brighten a dark bathroom

We love creative uses of reflective surfaces as well, like glossy backsplash tiles or shiny wall tiles in the shower stall.  These reflective surfaces not only play with light but also provide visual interest and texture, making your space look more luxe.

Keep Bathroom Tile, Backsplashes and Paint Light

While we love seeing creative uses of color and don’t shy away from darker finishes in a room, keeping everything light and bright and in poorly-light space is a sure-fire way to make it feel well-lit.

Consider using lighter tiles, backsplash, and paint to create an airy feel to an otherwise dimly-lit bathroom.  A light vanity can also work wonders for brightening up your space.

If All Else Fails, Embrace the Darkness

There is something to be said for a dimly-lit, spa-like bathroom.  Embrace the darker area, and create a tranquil oasis.  A darker space can really work in some homes, and the moodier tones are certainly having a moment right now.

Embrace the darkness for a moody bathroom design

Above all else, have fun with your space.  Don’t hesitate to make your bathroom your own.  At McCabinet, we specialize in helping people create their dream bathrooms.  Schedule an appointment to meet with a designer today to see what we can do for you!