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How to Brighten a Dark Bathroom

While natural light is the key to a bright and airy bathroom, many homeowners find themselves in need of brightening up a dark bathroom without any windows.

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The Best Trending Bathroom Vanities

The one room in the house that can stand to have some creativity is the bathroom! It’s the kind of room that can have a wild wallpaper and totally work because it just does. Another aspect of any bathroom that can be more on the unique side is the bath room vanity. Trending bathroom vanities…

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Realities of a Remodel

#RemodelLife is a real thing. Any remodel is stressful, but a kitchen or bath room renovation typically are a lot more involved than any other type of remodel. There are so many details to worry about and so much more mess involved in a kitchen or bathroom! And, let’s not even talk about the inconvenience!…

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