Meet McCabinet Designer Tricia Guy

Designer Tricia Guy

Welcome to another edition of McCabinet’s Designer Spotlight!  This month, get to know Cabinet Designer, Tricia Guy!

Designer Tricia Guy

1.  What originally drew you into the design industry?

When I was six years old, I was lucky enough to live next door to an interior design professional. I watched her transform her home and backyard into really cool and inviting spaces.  I was hooked in the transformation.  Right then and there, I decided I wanted to be a designer and create spaces.  Then, I took drafting and wood shop in 6th grade, and the rest is history.  Thirty years later, I still know it was the right career path for me.   

2.  What is your favorite thing about working at McCabinet? 

It is the people.  It is a family environment.  We work separately but come together to kick design ideas around, ask opinions, and help each other.  We all pass on to the team what we have learned on projects.  That way we are constantly growing and learning.  

3.  What is your favorite room to design?  

I love to take my clients’ challenges and turn them into spaces that when they walk in the room, they say “this is better than I ever dreamed of!” That interface to change environments for the better allows for rooms to be enjoyed for years to come.  

4.  What is the wildest thing you ever took inspiration from?  How did you implement that into your design? 

I design for the personalities living in the home.  For one of my dog lover families, I incorporated a kennel room with eight dog sleeping areas,  individual pullout feeding stations, and a dog wash and grooming station. I then had custom tiles made with the dogs’ faces and tiled the laundry room backsplash with them.  

5.  What are some classic designs that you don’t think will ever go out of style?

Designs that are natural and interface with nature.  Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect.  

Lightning Round

1.  Coffee or tea?

Tea.  My favorite is a Chai tea latte!

2.  What’s your favorite color?

I love the expression of all colors as I really feel colors are able to set mood and tone.  Yellow makes me smile.  Over the course of my career, I have developed a very color sensitive eye skill set. Sometimes that makes it a challenge.  For example, I often hear, “just pick a white.”  But white isn’t just white! There exists a passionate journey of finding the right color, material, texture or door style for a scheme.  That is what I strive to give to all my designs – get all the “right parts to the puzzle”.

3.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? 

I was born in Dunedin and lived in Clearwater all but four years of my life. That four years allowed me to appreciate the beautiful world around me but also solidified that there really is no place like home!   

4.  What is your favorite meal? 

My favorite meal consists of a filet mignon, golden Yukon mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables drizzled with bearnaise sauce.  I love the creative side of things, so I love to “plate” the meals.  Together, my husband and I take a normal meal, plate it with a flair, and voila, you have extraordinary just by using a little creativity!  Sharing my meals with my husband, friends and family is the best. 

5.  What is your favorite movie? 

I don’t have just one favorite movie.  My husband and I try to watch one or two movies a week.  It is always a variety of comedy, romance, and action. My favorites are movies that instill hope and promise in the world.  Movies that help bring out the best in others.  A great movie night for me is sitting on my couch with my husband, tucked into soft comfy pillows with a movie so inspiring that I clap at the end!