Wyatt White McCabinet

Meet McCabinet Designer Wyatt White

Welcome to another edition of McCabinet’s Designer Spotlight!  This month, get to know Cabinet Designer Wyatt White!

Wyatt White McCabinet designer

1.  How did you get started in this industry? 

I grew up with a father who owned his own electrical business.  I used to go with him to jobs on weekends to pull wire, install switches/outlets/and lights, and do small odds and ends.  When I was in my early 20’s I decided I wanted to go into sales, so I took on a job as an appliance salesman with Sears. One day at a birthday dinner for a friend I got to talking to a person who was an Operations Manager for Lowe’s.  The next thing I knew I was working for Lowe’s selling appliances. I stayed with Lowe’s for 14 years. During that time, I worked appliances, flooring, plumbing, home decor (window treatments, wallpaper, and paint), and eventually became a kitchen cabinet/countertop designer.  They had a program for a while that accommodated full kitchen and bathroom remodels. This was a natural progression for me with so many different areas of interior home improvement experience. I did that for my last three years with Lowe’s.  

cabinet designer Wyatt White

2.  You’re a new member of the McCabinet team; what drew you in?

When I first left Lowe’s, I thought I was going to try and go out and design on my own.  I realized really quickly that when you don’t offer a product behind your design, it is much harder to sell your value to other people.  I knew pretty quickly I wanted to go back to working for someone else. I just needed to find the right schedule and environment to work in.  I already knew two people who were working for McCabinet; both had been with them for years. Their length of time with the company made me feel good about trying it out myself.  Once I did my interview and met Brian and some other employees, I knew this would be a good fit for my personality. I love the people I work with. We have an AMAZING team of truly genuine people!

Wyatt White and the McCabinet team

3.  What’s the best part of your day at the office?

Walking into the office in the morning.  I love walking in and saying hello to everyone as I walk down the hall.  I often stop and just talk for a bit with someone. We also do quite a few social events and group meals throughout our work weeks.  I love that! It is the personal connections in this office that makes us truly special.  

McCabinet cabinet designer Wyatt White

4.  What is the coolest project you’ve ever worked on and why?

I love it when I get to do something for a family member or close friend.  I have done kitchen designs for two Aunts/Uncles. I have done more of a touchup makeover for another Aunt/Uncle.  I have done countertops for a cousin. I have done a full kitchen remodel for a good friend/colleague. There is something special about getting to help family and friends.  There is something great about knowing that people near and dear to you will enjoy a space that you were involved in for years to come.  

5.  What are your favorite trends?  Or are you more of a traditional kind-of-guy?

First off, I believe a good designer can design in any style and relishes the opportunity to do something different than what they usually do.  However, if we are talking about my personal favorites…I love mixing rustic and industrial. Perhaps it is my Midwest upbringing…but I just love the combination of these two styles. I also enjoy designing for beach condos here in Florida. I like mixing the natural tones of whites, greys, sandy beiges, lighter blues, seafoam tones, etc.  I love being able to bring what the customer loves about where they live into their home so they feel that tranquility all the time. After all, I moved to Florida for a reason!  

Lighting Round

1.  If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I wish I had the power to ease peoples’ stress and worries.  I think we live in a world that has most of us running around overbooked and overstressed.  I wish I could instantly ease someone’s stress and help them to deal with that aspect of life in a different way.  

2.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

This one was my hardest question as I love food in general.  After much deliberation, I am going with Surf and Turf because it mixes two of my favorites – a good steak and seafood!  

3.  Who inspires you?

Music Teachers Why? I originally went to school to be a music teacher and realized that I didn’t want to be in a classroom for nine hours a day only to also be putting in extra hours every night on afterschool ensembles.  Music is by far one of my favorite things in this world. I dedicated years of my life to it. It gives me something I bond with my father over. It can make for a spiritual experience like nothing else can! It can take you back to places you haven’t been to in years, in an instant.   I love the fact that there are people out there who are passing that love onto future generations. I love that they give of themselves endlessly for something that both ends after one final performance yet remains for the rest of people’s lives! Music teachers truly inspire me.  

4.  What is your favorite feature of your current home? 

I love my entry door and my back yard.  The entry door is just plain cool! My backyard creates a bit of a relaxing space where friends and family can gather together for social events…something I haven’t done nearly enough of lately.  I love to cook out, sit by a fire, play my guitar, and watch my dog play. Plus, my backyard is pretty much maintained by my other half Michael, who does an amazing job! I love the environment it creates.  

5.  What is your favorite song of all time?

I have such a wide variety of music I love this is a little hard to answer.  I saw a saying once that said: “My musical tastes vary from (Oh my God you have to hear this) to (Please don’t judge me!)”.  That is me. I will give a few that have very deep meaning to me though. Instrumental/Classical = Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”, Country = Willie Nelson’s “Angle Flying too Close to the Ground”, Classic Rock = The Eagles “Hotel California”, Folk = Damien Rice “The Blower’s Daughter”