Heating up Summer with the Perfect Grills

One of the better aspects of living in Florida is our winters tend to be short lived and in no time we are back in the pool and having barbecues. Well, the sun is not the only thing heating up lately, many homeowners are heating up summer with new high tech grills and outdoor spaces worthy of taking the heat for. Just in time for summer, McCabinet has introduced two new grills that will make any gathering mouth watering.

The Blaze Grill

First of the new grill lines come from Blaze Grills. Blaze offers an array of products from the best gas grills on the market and charcoal grills, gas griddles and other grilling essentials. Their gas grills come in different models and size such as, a traditional series, LTE series and a professionals series. With the traditional series, the 32 inch, 4 burner grill features 66,000 total BTUs, fast start time, and flame stabilizing grids to minimize flare ups. Next the LTE 32/4 series has many of the same features of the traditional, but does offer illuminated control knobs for night time grilling and it just looks cool. The professionals series has a lot of the same features but has much more space for grilling, 18,000 BTUs per burner, and features a rotisserie kit that includes a waterproof motor.

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The TEC Infrared Grill

Next up are the TEC Infrared Grills, Tech offer many different accessories, but their grill line up is even more spectacular! What makes these grills special is the infrared technology with the incredible temperature range of a low 200 degrees Fahrenheit for smoking and 900 degree Fahrenheit for the perfect sizzle on hamburgers in 8-10 minutes. Starting with their portable grill, the G Sport is the most versatile grill because, well, it’s portable. There is so much about the G Sport that makes it an amazing grill, such as, it’s certified to be used on any surface, even wood, no cold or hot spots, self-cleaning cooking surface and a stainless burner that can reach as high as 1400 degrees. Other grills offered are their free standing and built in grills, they offer the same features as the G Sport, but varies in grilling space and whether it is freestanding or built in to your outdoor kitchen. Either way, you’re getting an amazing grill.


Whichever grill you choose to be the centerpiece of your summer barbecue, there is no going wrong with either a Blaze or a TEC Infrared. Both brands are great investments in high quality grilling and many years to come of great food and summer memories.

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