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Light Bulb! Hire a Licensed Professional!

There are a lot of house projects that can be done by “doing it yourself” such as laying tile, painting, or installing hardware. But there are some aspects of a job that should always be left to the professionals and electricity is definitely one of those projects. It is a very high-risk household task to…

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How to Select the Best Lighting!

Award- winning interior designer, Tricia Guy has many years of experience selecting lighting for hundreds of projects, all unique in personal style and lifestyle needs. Tricia knows that there are thousands of lighting options and fun added upgrades, so here are a few tips to make the biggest impact on your space. Play with Color…

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Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting System

The Loox LED Lighting System is the industry leading lighting solution for cabinetry, closets, and furniture. Häfele’s Loox LED cabinet lighting system is unique because it was specifically engineered for cabinets and to meet the needs of kitchen designers and manufacturers. The Loox system also includes a wide assortment of switches that allow for dimming…

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